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The Davidson County Democratic Black Caucus is, by no means, exclusionary. All Davidson County registered voters who subscribe to the Caucus objectives are invited to join.  To become an ACTIVE voting member and enjoy the privileges of full participation in programming and decision-making, we request that you complete our membership application as well as pay twenty-five dollar ($25.00) annually for dues.  We are offering a limited number of dues waivers for persons who request one.  Please click here to complete your membership application!  

Five Reasons To Join

  1. To be part of a forum to discuss, compare and act on common concerns and issues affecting Blacks and Black communities in Davidson County.
  2. To merge ideas, resources, and skills to advance Blacks socially, economically and politically in Davidson County.
  3. To help develop a UNIFIED agenda for Blacks in the local and statewide Democratic party organizations.
  4. To learn more about the political process, and be a part of sharing knowledge with others; especially those who seek growth in the process.
  5. To network and build relationships to persons of similar interest in politics, social mobility and/or elected offices.



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